International Returning Student Award

Must be an international visa student with a valid study permit (to be confirmed by the International Office)
*Currently enrolled as a full-time student in Level 2 or above of a Fanshawe College post secondary program
*Maintained a cumulative *3.0 GPA from the previous semester (s)
of the Fanshawe post secondary program
Participates incollege activities at the program, school or border college level*
Online application and must *include a one-page statement of the student’s involvement on campus and letter from staff or faculty member of Fanshawe College
*Student can only receive this award once in their lifetime


International Awards
Supplemental Questions
  1. I am an international visa student with a valid passport.
  2. I am registered full time in level 2 or above of a Fanshawe post-secondary program.
  3. Please submit letter(s) of recommendation from a current faculty member and/or school administrator. These must be signed and must include address, telephone and email address (on official letterhead).
  4. Must include a one page statement of the student's participation in college activities at the program level, school or border college level.