President's Prize (*)

This award has been established to recognize a Fanshawe College student who has achieved a significant academic standing while making a meaningful contribution to Fanshawe College campus life. Successful applicants will meet the following criteria:

  • Made a meaningful contribution to Fanshawe College campus life (paid or volunteer)
  • Maintained a minimum 3.5 GPA (cumulative)
  • Attended on a full-time basis
  • At time of application, students will be in the graduating semester of his/her current program of study
  • At time of award, students will have satisfied all requirements for graduation
  • Students may only win this award once in their lifetime

Graduation Awards

College Wide and Graduation Awards
Supplemental Questions
  1. Using answers provided in your general application, please provide a detailed description of your significant academic achievement(s) and meaningful contribution(s) to Fanshawe College campus life. Please be sure to describe the type (i.e. what you did) and the volume of your contribution(s) (i.e. the time commitment involved). (Minimum 250 words).
  2. I have completed the "Volunteer/Community Service/College Life Involvement Experience" section of my General Application
  3. Please attach any additional information you feel will support your application (i.e. portfolio of work and/or accomplishments).
  4. Please upload your professional resume here.